Saturday, August 31, 2013


"because some things break before they bend"
I woke up tired today.  I spent all night, it seemed like, trying to get you to change your ways.  But I think I've had enough of regretting the past.  Now I just miss you, just as you were.  I just miss knowing you.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

living in dreams

This was a strange one.  My son was back with us even though he is dead, but not as a ghost or a zombie, but for real, only as a child and temporarily.  That was understood, that it was a temporary reprieve from death. Still, it wasn't desperate or sad.  Isn't this how it really is?  We're living on borrowed time.  If only we knew it with certainty.  I knew it in the dream.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 a.m.

"marching in a slow parade
there are ashes where you laid
and sometimes i don't mind at all
and sometimes head against the wall" ~ A.A. Bondy
It has been a while since I couldn't sleep for terror.  This is my life? Everything I've loved shattered, my very identity destroyed, and the pain, the pain and the guilt.  You deceived me so well.  Why did I let myself be deceived? I had warnings, I had chances - I should have been a despot, I should have raged, not been complicit in your self-destruction.  You were right about me.  I lived in denial.  You told me explicitly and yet I continued for another three weeks.  Until it was too late.

You must have had a scare to talk like that.  I warned you about taking things to sleep, but I should have flown over there and yanked them from your hands and yanked you out of there and held you while I could.  You were a big man, but you were still my baby.  I should have held you.  I didn't use my own power.  I let you go.  How can I live with that?  How can I sleep?  Who am I if not your mother?